Interview with Mercy from Shannon Dermotts’ – Beg for Mercy (GIVEAWAY)
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Hi Mercy just want to thank you for talking with us today!So let’s get right to it…We all want to know some things so I’ll just ask you a couple questions, okay?


Q1 What we all most want to know is, Why didn’t push your mother for more information about who and what you are, and how to control your succubus?


“My mom,” I began. Pain and regret fills me and I am sure it shows in my facial expression. “I didn’t know what else to do.  I mean, she is my mom.  Who else am I suppose to trust?  It isn’t worth a fight.  She isn’t going to tell me more than she already has.”  I shift uncomfortably in my seat.  My nervousness made me a bit defensive and I consider apologizing. 


Q2 After the first couple mistakes why do you think you kept messing up and flirting with guys when you had a boyfriend?


“Boyfriend?” I ask quizzically.  But I know to whom she is referring.  I begin to wonder why I am even here.  Flirting isn’t second nature to me.  Heck, until recently my life has been relationship free. “I made some mistakes,” I say, thinking back to all the things I’ve done.  “We all make mistakes, don’t we?”


Q3 Do you think you are getting better control of your succubus, or since you have started kissing it’s becoming harder?


 I expected this question more than the rest.  “I don’t know.  Maybe a bit of both,” I say.  “That part of myself seems to pick the worst times to take over.  Working to control those urges can only help me to be stronger, I suppose.”
Q4 What scares you the most?


“Killing someone,” I blurt out.  I don’t even have to think about that one.  My thoughts travel quickly back to the night I’d almost killed him.  It was suppose to be a magic moment.  It was suppose to be the kind of thing that you would fondly remember always.  Instead, I would remember it alright, in my nightmares.


Q5 Why do you think Sebastian is so mysterious? How do you feel about him?


His dark hair and incredibly handsome face cross my mind.  He is more than mysterious.  But how much could I reveal.  His secrets aren’t mine to share.  “I think he likes that people wonder about him,” I say.  “He’s not the spotlight king Flynn is, but I suspect he liked the attention more than he lets on. And as for the other question, he’s a really good friend,” I say. 


Q6 Do you think being a Succubus has made you stronger since you have to practice so much self control or do you see it as a negative influence?


Ha! I think almost letting out my bitter laugh. Negative influence indeed. “It’s certainly hard to be what I am,” I say before swallowing.  I don’t really feel stronger physically.  “With all the things I had to overcome somehow this has helped me make the tough decisions. But, it’s presence within me has definitely affected my relationships,” I add sourly. 

Q7 What do you think and how do you feel about Luke’s secret?

Gosh, she isn’t going to make it easier on me.  I don’t want to think about that right now. It only reminds me of everything I have to do because of what I am. “Luke has his reasons,” I say, sounding more resolved then how I really feel.  “He has reasons just like I have reasons for my secrets.”  Thoughts of my mom came back.  “Everyone has secrets,” I add.

Q8 Last one, Do you think Flynn wears his bad boy behavior as amour?


Irritation coursed through me.  Why is it everywhere I go, everyone talks or ask about him.  He thinks he is a gift to woman kind.  Okay, so he is totally hot, I can’t deny that.  But to see it in all the faces of everyone when he walks in a room is enough to make my blood boil.  I take a deep breath.  I’m not going to allow him to affect me this way.  “His reputation is well deserved.  But I think he has reason for what he does that others may not understand.  Is he honorable?  I just don’t know,” I say.


And I have one question for Shannon, when do you think we will all get out hands on book 2?


I relax in my seat, thankful the spotlight was no longer on me. I look at Shannon, the author who was writing a book about me. Blushing, Shannon confesses.  “Things have been crazy and Mercy hasn’t been available as much over the holidays as I hoped.  She looked at the girl knowing she was unconformable with all the media attention.  “But I hope to spend some more time with her soon.  With that said, we missed a bunch of deadlines.  I still expect for the release to happen in late March of this year.”
~End of Interview



Now I have excellent news for everyone that has read the first book, Beg for Mercy…

On Shannon Dermott’s website she has posted an excerpt from book 2, Waiting for Mercy.

For anyone that has not read book 1, even better Shannon has graciously given me a ebook copy to giveaway!

All you have to do is follow Shannon on twitter and leave me a comment letting me know you did it with your twitter name, easy!

Thank you Shannon, I loved Beg for Mercy & the interview with Mercy was a blast!

One more thing before I leave you is my review for Beg for Mercy It was the most fun I have had writing a review in a long time…


December 18th 2012

I finished this late last night and it’s been a little over 14 hours since I put it down and I am not sure I still know what to write about it but let’s give it a go.

I’ll just start typing and telling you about the story and see where that takes me… We will start with Mercy; she is a 16 year old high school student who is half a succubus. She discovered this during her first kiss when she almost killed her now best friend Paul. Mercy is a smart girl and one of the fun things in the story is her use of her SAT words. Every day she has one for the day and it is comical how they end up being used. Now I read some reviews and I know there were some issues with corrections that needed to be made, let me just say that Shannon Dermott (the author) gave me the edition of the book and I had no grammar and spelling problems with this edition.

All right now I am going to tackle what I didn’t like so we can just get it out of the way and get back to the good stuff because there was plenty of it, it will be like ripping off a Band-Aid. I do like a good Love tri-angle but this one is more like a hexagon, I don’t know at what point it got a wee bit ridiculous for me but I do know it got there. Half-way through and maybe even three-quarters through I began getting antsy and irritated with the Mercy’s man fan club. I do realize she is a succubus so yeah … hello boys! But it still seemed a bit much. I tell you this now not because I think it should be different but because if you read this book I don’t want you so get frustrated and give up. I promise the payoff for finishing it will be worth it! In fact I dare to say I think all of that is forgiven.

The other thing that I didn’t like was how much Mercy misses clues going on around her, she is not written as a half-wit character so why can’t she see what is going on around her when it is so obvious that she needs more information form the people around her. It’s like watching a horror film and you just want to scream at the girl running around in her nightgown for doing the most idiotic things.


There were a couple of few minor issues I had with it but I am not going to pick at it. Ok now back to the good stuff… Let talk about boys now ;-) Let’s introduce you to the “Mercy’s man fan club” First we have Paul, first kiss (almost killed him) now he is one of her best friends, kissing thing didn’t work out too well, but of course he secretly pines for Mercy. Paul is our geek chic.


Next let’s go to the boy next door Luke. Luke is the boyfriend, son of a preacher, football star, and all around nice guy.


We have a couple others in the fan club that get little attention and minor flirting along the way but I am just staying with the main men. How about Sebastian now? He is our super bad boy, no moral compass to speak of and is a dangerous beauty combined with a devil may care smile and we have what all girls with Daddy issues would call the perfect man ;-)



I saved my favorite for last! Flynn our resident misunderstood bad boy, yummy!













Oh and it is very appropriate that I imagine Leto as Flynn since Mercy is a big 30 seconds to Mars fan!

So overall I was VERY happy with this book, like I said most of what I had problems with in the end made sense to me. But let me tell you one more thing, at the end of the book my face was like this for a few hours….


I was left with a lot of questions at the end of the book and you could have probably could have convinced me that my nook was missing a few chapters of the book I still feel a bit like this about it…



But all that means in the author did her job; she wrapped it up in a nice package but left you desperately wanting more! I will absolutely read the next one and highly recommend this one.


Rating – 4 Stars!

Recommended for – Older teens and Adults Thank you to Shannon Dermott, Bravo!!!!

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